Need to Know

In every business there are “taglines” or “slogans” promises that may be used to mislead customers who are not in the know of that specific business.

We at Plan & Construct feel that raising property owners’ awareness of project realties will eventually help businesses by providing equal opportunities.

They may say: We can build your project on your budget. A contractor who makes such statements may have other plans to increase the contract price later on.

We do: At Plan & Construct we put a lot of effort in the planning stage to ensure our clients get the best value for their dollar.

They may say: We will keep the place clean and tidy, no mess. Construction is especially messy when there’s demolition involved, as with room additions or kitchen/bath renovation.

We do: At Plan & Construct we pay close attention to housekeeping and are always respectful of residents and neighbours.

They may say: There won’t be too much noise; There will be construction noise and we won’t pretend otherwise.

We do: At Plan & Construct we strive to mitigate or eliminate unnecessary noise to minimize the disruption to you and your neighbors.

They may say: We always use only the finest products; What does “finest” mean? Your product choices and budget establish what we use for your project.

We do: At Plan & Construct we carefully and completely explain the options, document your choices and help identify alternative products that may be better suited to your needs and budget.

They may say: We’ll be done in no time; No time means no time to commit to.

We do: Based on complexity of the project, Plan & Construct will issue a realistic schedule. Such schedule maybe updated as and when circumstances dictate a change. Just like you, we do not like surprises.

They may say: We’ll give you good low rates on cash deals; such arrangement provides safe haven to unskilled workers and to sub-standard work.

We do: At Plan & Construct we always do our best to give realistic pricing and cost effective solutions, taxes are mandatory by law, trying to avoid taxes means undisclosed agreement, which in turn voids any rights you may have in a normal contract agreement.

They may say: You don’t need a permit to do that. In fact, I can give you a better price if we don’t pull a permit; However, for any change in plumbing, electrical or gas services, a permit is required by law. Renovating your home without the appropriate permit(s) may save you a few dollars to start with, but possibly with potential legal risk and financial headaches down the road.

We do: At Plan & Construct we put every effort into helping prepare documentation to obtain permits in accordance with local and provincial requirements.